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LS, the light and strong table

Mattice Boets, @mattice_boets

LS creates a lightweight impression through its soft lines and ultrathin profile. Thanks to the metal finish and the design language of the pleated corners, the design radiates the solidity of steel. By choosing high-quality Epoxy fortified with E-fiber Glass the table doesn’t only look light, it only weighs 14 kilos. As a result of this and its timeless design, you can move it around in every space as often as you like.

With its powerful elegance, this multifunctional table can be the centerpiece of your workplace or living room in the coming years. We like to literally support all your activities.


I believe products in our daily life are visually too complex. It is with that believe I designed LS. Soft lines, ultrathin profile, a one motion design. The design language speaks for itself.

Tools & software 



NX 11, 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop CC

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