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Design a luminaire with T5 fluorescent lamps. The housing consists of a sheet metal part which is controlled with parameters to change the length (and other parameters) depending on the length of the T5 lamp. The two ends of the luminaire are covered with a plastic end cap, the shape of which depends of course on the shape of the sheet metal part. To cover up the lamps you also need to design a transparent protection cover which is dependent to the housing.


Howest IDC

Existing products

Problems with existing products

Limited, usually the same design. Sometimes extremely difficult to install. This is caused by components that are difficult to reach.

Target audience

Owners of a modern residence.

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Behaalde niveau: 2 Lengte aanpassen Via expressions, plaats de gewenste lengte in het veld "LED_length". Veranderen van aantal LEDS (in de breedte) 1 LED (standaard model): Show het onderdeel "endcap

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