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Connections-Team of 2 students design an add-on for the Teddy. Connections are an important aspect in a product. A correct choice and design of the connection between different parts is a necessity for optimal product operation. During this assignment you will learn to design a connection in an iterative (= repetitive) way. To make this connection you use FDM 3D printers for the connection parts. Each duo gets a teddy during the first labs. By means of a draw, it is determined which body part of the hug you will hack. Then it is determined whether you are making something that moves on the teddy, or that his body part is first amputated. In order to arrive at the ultimate final design of the connection, a minimum of 3 variations must be made, followed by a minimum of 5 optimisations. Output: physical prototypes, 3D prints , STL files, illustrator files & file

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