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What inspires me?

For me it is not a question of what, but rather of how.

The below is what gives me inspiration. But after some time of study I realised that I already had plenty of inspiration. The problem however was that the already acquired inspiration didn't got to me when I needed it. I had to find out what was blocking it and recreate the inspirational moment.

This is what gives me inspiration

This is how I recreate the inspirational moment

I found that the creative moment is always present, but, is being blocked by distractions, activities, habits and routines.

These are the techniques that I found most effective to recreate the inspirational moment:

Disconnecting myself

No phone, no TV, no laptop, nothing. Just pen, paper and my surroundings.

Brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) with isochronic tones for altering your creative brainwaves.

Pretending I'm at home

I have a lot more inspiration while I'm working at home.

Ongoing experiments

Generate ideas after the deadline

I believe that I am better at generating creative ideas after the deadline of a project.

Keeping a private sketchbook with ugly sketches

My work is a lot better without the pressure and judgement of others.

Manage time

By managing time I am more at ease and it increases my inspiration.

I believe that disconnecting yourself will be beneficial for many people trying to recreate the inspirational moment.

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