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Experiments I'll be trying out in in the next weeks. The goal is to find experiments that are able to recreate the inspirational moment at any given time.

1. Brainwave entrainment

Brainwave entrainment (BWE) with isochronic tones for altering your creative brainwaves.

2. Disconnect yourself

No phone, no TV, no laptop, nothing. Just pen, paper and your surroundings.

3. Nature

Taking a close look at beautiful creations by nature such as minerals, water, plants, ...

4. Generate ideas after the deadline

Am I really better at generating ideas when there's no pressure?

5. Keep a private sketchbook with ugly sketches

Are the expectations and judgements of others blocking creative ideas?

6. What if every project was a thesis

Would my ideas be more unique and better executed?

7. Manage time

Perhaps the creative moment is always present. But, is being blocked by distractions.

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